This list page is for resources that are related to language learning and living abroad in general. For resources that are specific to a certain language, look at the link for that specific language above the main menu.


Fluent in 3 Months: This is a blog about quick language learning that focuses on opening your mouth and speaking. It’s written by Benny Lewis, who has become quite famous in the language learning blogsphere. His blog is certainly worth checking out.

Foreign Service Test: I recently discovered this blog through Fluent in 3 Months. It is all about working for the US foreign service, and I think it would be of interest to a lot of people interested in language and living abroad. It’s written by Shawn Kobb, who has worked for the US foreign service for eight years.

The Mezzofanti Guild: A blog written by polyglot Donovan Nagel, an Australian linguist who is travelling the world learning languages. It’s a very thoughtful blog, and Nagel has as degree in linguistics. I certainly recommend it!

AJATT: AJATT stands for All Japanese All The Time, and I am including it here because Japanese isn’t one of the languages this site focuses on. AJATT has a lot of good advice for anyone learning any language, plus it is very funny and authentic. I highly, highly recommend this blog for anyone interested in language learning. AJATT is written by an American named Khatzumoto.

The Polyglot Dream: This is a blog written by Italian polyglot Luca Lampariello. It’s also a fabulous place to get language learning resources.

Create Your Own World Book: This blog focuses on using music to learn languages. It’s written by Susanna Zaraysky, and provides a slightly different take on language learning!

Babel No More: Michael Erard, a journalist who writes about languages and linguistics, wrote this book about hyperpolyglots. If you’re interested in languages and language learning, it is a very interesting read, althoug it is certainly not a guidebook for how to become a hyperpolyglot yourself. I also wrote an article about Chinese names for Erard’s new venture, a digital magazine about language called Schwa Fire. Another resource you should check out!