Traffic Report Oct. 2014

If I want to inspire more people to learn languages, first I have to reach them. In the hopes that writing about my efforts to grow the site will help me reflect on my own methods and track what is working and what isn’t, I’m going to try to write about it monthly. For this first month, I’ll just write my starting points and goals for the future:

Unique visitors: 1078
Mailing list subscribers: 64
Twitter followers: 129
Income from the site: $0

It’s not exactly results to get excited about, but it’s a start. I’ve looked through all those mailing list subscribers and at least 60 percent are people who I don’t know – although my parents are both subscribed :).

Last month I put a lot of effort into learning about blog marketing. I joined the Easy Expat network of blogs about expat life, and did a guest post for their blog. I’ve become more active on Twitter, although I admit it’s something I still struggle with quite a bit. I’d also like to make money from the blog in the future: So I spent some time this past month signing up for affiliate programs and learning how they work. Here are the affiliate programs I signed up for:

Powell’s Books
Amazon’s sites in France , Spain and Germany . There are a fair number of foreign-language books you just can’t get in the US, and for many of these books Amazon’s foreign affiliates are the best source (unless you want an electronic book, which is ok too)., a Chinese bookseller that I’ve been extremely happy with.

So far, no sales. But it’s all about building the foundation, right? I sure hope so….

Goals for November:

My primary goal is to double the number of unique visitors, mailing list subscribers and Twitter followers. That would mean:

Unique visitors: 2156
Mailing list subscribers: 128
Twitter followers: 248

I’d also like to start making an income – even if it’s small – from the site. My goal for November is to make $20.

Income: $20

You have to start somewhere, right?