Five Argentine Police Movies to Watch

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 11.40.16 AMIn the Spanish-speaking world, Argentina is extraordinarily famous for its fabulous cinema. In my very biased opinion, the Argentine movies I’ve seen have all been a cut above Spanish and Mexican movies (the other Spanish-speaking heavyweights). Here’s a list of Argentine movies that are particularly good, all of which are somehow related to crime, mystery and cops.

El secreto de sus ojos

In 1999, a retired detective decides to write a novel about a case he investigated back in 1974, a brutal rape and murder that he was never able to forget. The movie has flashbacks between 1999, when the judge is retired, and the original investigation, that happened in 1974 and 75.

The movie won an Oscar in 2010, the second Argentine movie to win, after La Historia Oficial.

Un oso rojo

El Oso is a dangerous criminal who is sentenced to several years in prison after participating in an armed assault. When he gets out, his wife is living with a new man.

Nueve Reinas

What happens when two con men start working together? In this cops and robbers movie, it’s impossible to tell who is conning who and who is really calling the shots until the very end.

Tiempo De Valientes

When a cop finds out his wife is cheating on him, he turns to a psychologist for help. The two become friends, and together they make several discoveries, some of national importance, some of personal importance.

La historia oficial

One of the best movies I’ve every seen, period. I wrote a more complete movie of La historia oficial here.